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February 18, 2008


Kerry F Leight

We, at the Michigan GOE, organized an executive meeting, in Febuary, to prepare our group for a presence at the Winter Warrior 2. There definately be a contingent of MI GOE members going and standing proudly with our sister organizations, preventing any attempts to besmirch our military, like the Kerry perjury of 1971.
EAGLES UP!!! Radar, Mi GOE, US Army `73-`75

Specialist James Martin RA 15842819 LZ Thunder 67-68

I was one of the soldiers that was accussed by Kerry's bunch of things I was suppose to have done in Vietnam. They were lies then and are lies now. Kerry is no better than Hanoi Jane in my book and does not ratethe rights that me and all my Brothers have fought and died for and are still dying for. When I get to Hell I hope I beat him and Jane there so that I can be their Hell for ever and ever.

Brian C

Better to be a chickenhawk than a moonbat

Riley Harry

Colonel Harry Riley is a real, live, person. His sole mission in life is to disenfranchise anyone not like him (right wing, fundamentalist, xenophobic, fear strategist for the GOP).

He is the equivalent of the bully you knew in elementary school.

Someone likely not hugged enough as a child.

He hides behind his perceived security of the Internet.

If you want to share you feelings about how he treats other citizens of the country he professes to protect, and love, he can be reached at:

Harry Riley
111 Overview Drive
Crestview, FL 32539

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