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August 22, 2008


No Fax Payday Loans

For years we have all been listening and reading news reports that USA economy is deteriorating. The dominance of the major industries and big businesses is soon come to an end. The American economy continues to deteriorate: consumer spending is bad and likely to get worse; home prices continue to fall; and Wall Street has been unable to shake a credit crisis that keeps hurting big institutions. Stock prices are down too, further eroding household wealth. The main reasons why the USA economy is deteriorating is that a ton of money has been spent on our military budget is so large is largely to do with the level of our technology as well. Look at it this way. We do not have the largest Army in the world. An army is fairly cheap to equip and maintain by other countries standards, but they don’t care about quality as much as we do. We do however have the largest and most advance Navy and Air Force. In fact we are the only countries that have super carriers, of which we have 11 with more being built and that doesn’t include our fleet of amphibious assault ships which are also technically classified as carriers which carry just jump jets and helicopters. We are the only country with stealth technology on our planes, which come at a pretty penny. We have the most advanced technology when it comes to the military and a lot of these current huge costs come from this war that is going on. Yes it is a drain on our budget but until it does end, equipment must be replaced, roads and schools rebuilt, soldiers paid, bonuses to both get them to join and keep them in. People forget that R&D is incredilby expensive as well because it has some much stuff that doesn’t make it outside of the lab and involves so much trial and error. I’m not saying that this war is necessarily good by any means in even some good things come out of bad things you just have to look for it. Necessity is the mother or invention and war has a tendency to bring that upon us. Look at all of the emerging technologies that have been developed during this conflict that might not benefit us yet but will in time to come. Many things would not exist today had it not been for war necessitating the need for it including the internet which the world so clearly runs on today.
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